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The Art Education degree prepares students for careers as art teachers in primary and secondary schools; museum education, and community education. The graduate will earn licensure to teach art in North Carolina public schools. The art education curriculum includes topics such as: visual culture, personal artistic expression, historical theories and practices of art education, community service, art for the exceptional learner, and the culture of the child and the teen. The art education curriculum is studio based and recognizes learning as co-constructed, ever changing, and interdisciplinary.

All art education coursework includes practicum experience either in area schools, community venues, and/or the Turchin Community Arts School. A semester of student teaching occurs during the final semester. The final month of student teaching has an optional international experience.

Reich College of Education

Art Education majors must also be accepted to the Reich College of Education (RCOE) before their junior year.

Admission to RCOE requires the following:
Test Scores

The required test for admission to the Reigh College of Education is called the Praxis CORE. Please note that some students are exempt from this requirement thanks to their SAT or ACT scores:

Praxis CORE Passing Scores

If you took the new SAT after March 2016:

If you took the old SAT before March 2016:

If you took the ACT:

Education majors who are interested in a second concentration in the arts can find more information here.

Art Education Scholarships

In addition to the scholarships offered by the university and the Reich College of Education, there are scholarships available to art majors and one specifically for art education majors. The Reese Penland Scholarship for Art Education includes tuition, room and board, and a small stipend for materials for any of the two-week summer sessions at Penland School of Craft.