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The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design is recognized as the definitive professional degree in the field. It implies a thorough and comprehensive academic experience focusing on the development of skills, concepts, and sensitivities that are essential to the education of the professional designer. The BFA degree in Graphic Design consists of 66 semester hours in Art Studio and related areas and 12 semester hours in Art History/Criticism and allows students to take a mix of both prescribed and elected courses in art, concentrating on individual strengths and interests. All graphic design majors must submit their work to Candidacy Portfolio Review for acceptance into the BFA Graphic Design degree track.

Students enrolled in the Graphic Design program are encouraged to develop well-researched, innovative personal methodologies for creative problem-solving. Course work stresses formal and technical processes and skills, as well as the development of a high degree of proficiency in both creative problem-solving and visual criticism. It is a curriculum designed to insure excellence in graduates as educated citizens and as creative artists/designers who have demonstrated competence in their discipline. Graduates from this program will be prepared to successfully contend for the rigorous and highly competitive careers in graphic design as well as for admittance into graduate level programs.

In a fully equipped design studio and lab environment, the student will be exposed to an expanding range of design activity comprising the following: computer-aided design systems and desktop-publishing, promotional print publications, identity programs, packaging, signage / information systems, and environmental / architectural graphics. Faculty are experienced graphic designers and are professionally active.