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Careers in the Arts

Our students come here for an education in art and design. They arrive with proven talent (we wouldn't admit them otherwise) and leave with refined skills, practical training and their eyes opened up to new possibilities.

As they begin the next phase of their lives, all of our graduates have one thing in common—the ability to bring art and design into other people’s lives. They do this in myriad ways, but each way connects another person to the expression of an idea (whether by an individual, group or business).

“Art is much less important than life,
but what a poor life without it.”
Robert Motherwell

Each and every one of our graduates can, and will, make a difference in their lives and the lives of others through the arts.

What do our graduates do with their art degrees?

What can’t they do? Each and every one of them can make others feel something in response to a work of art or design. They can all inspire others through their work and comment on society and culture.

In our classrooms, studios and building, our dedicated faculty and staff strive to prepare our students for their lives after college. We offer professional practice courses, our Art Education and Art Management students gain practical experience in classrooms and galleries.

Real world experience can also be found with an internship with an organization, business or studio. Our faculty expose our students to numerous ways of making a living in the art and design world so they can start on the career path that fits them best.

The university has resources, too. Appalachian’s Career Development Center helps students write resumes and prepare for interviews. The center’s career fairs and workshops help students get more specific help as they prepare for their lives after college.