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BFA Studio Art

Overview BFA Studio Art Curriculum

BA Studio Art

BA Studio Art

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ba Studio Art Curriculum

General Education


ART 2030 and ART 2130 taken for the major may count toward General Education

Languages, Lit. & Cultures


Choose 6 sh at the *Intermediate level or higher. LLC 1050 (ARB/CHN/FRE/GER/JPN/POR/RSN/SNH) may count toward Gen Ed: Local to Global Perspective. *LLC 1010 and 1020 or 1030 are prerequisites for *intermediate level courses.
FL 1040*3
FL 1050*3
FL 1060*6
or higher level courses6



ART 1001Foundations I3
ART 1002Foundations II3
ART 1003Foundations Drawing3
ART 1005Studio Seminar I3

Art History


ART 2030Art from Pre-history to 14003
ART 2130Art from 1400 to the Present3
ART 4030Seminar in Art Criticism & Theory (CAP)3
Art History Electives
Choose 3 sh to fulfill the Junior Writing in the Discipline (WID) requirement:
ART 3400Women Artists (WID)3
ART 3600History of Modern Art (WID)3
ART 3630African Art (WID)3
ART 3650Art of Late Antiquity (WID)3
ART 3700Oceanic Art (WID)3
ART 3705Contemporary Art of Africa (WID)3
ART 3710Egyptian Art (WID)3
ART 3730Native Arts of the Americas (WID)3
ART 3750History of Roman Art (WID)3
ART 3800Art Since 1945 (WID)3
ART 3810Photography and Culture (WID)3
ART 3820History of Museums and Collecting (WID)3
ART 4040Seminar in Art History (WID)3

Related Areas


ART 2104Digital Imaging3
Choose 1 sh from the following:
ART 2500Independent Study1
ART 3013Intro to NY/Washington Art Scene1
ART 3500Independent Study1
ART 3520Instructional Assistant1

Studio Art Concentration


ART 2103Drawing II3
And choose 15 sh from the following (ART 3227 or any 4000 level studio listed (except 4326 may be repeated twice for a total of 9 sh barring duplication)15
ART 1102Introduction to Graphic Design3
ART 2302Calligraphy3
ART 2107Clay I: Throwing3
ART 2007Clay I: Handbuilding3
ART 2040Clay I: Moldmaking & Casting3
ART 3107Clay II: Throwing3
ART 3007Clay II: Handbuilding3
ART 3040Clay II: Moldmaking & Casting3
ART 4307Special Topic in Advanced Clay3
ART 2008Fibers: Materials & Processes3
ART 2602Fibers: Weaving I3
ART 3017Fibers: Weaving II3
ART 3208Fibers: Surface Design I3
ART 3408Fibers: Surface Design II3
ART 3308Fibers: Structure I3
ART 3508Fibers: Structure II3
ART 4308Special Topics in Adv. Fibers3
ART 2009Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design I: Fabrication3
ART 3009Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design II: Casting3
ART 3111Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design II: Enamel3
ART 3109Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design II: Holloware3
ART 3110Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design II: CAD Jewelry3
ART 4309Special Topics in Adv. Metalsmithing & Jewelry3
ART 2100Painting I3
ART 3100Painting II3
ART 3200Painting III3
ART 4300Special Topics Adv. Painting & Drawing3
ART 3103Contemporary Issues: Adv. Drawing3
ART 2026Photographic Design I3
ART 3226Photographic Design II3
ART 3227Special Topics in Photography3
ART 4326Advanced Photo Design3
ART 2025Printmaking: Relief3
ART 2125Printmaking: Screenprinting3
ART 3225Printmaking: Intaglio3
ART 3325Printmaking: Lithography3
ART 3410Book Arts3
ART 4325Special Topics in Adv. Printmaking3
ART 2101Sculpture I: Modeling & Casting3
ART 2201Sculpture I: Carving & Construction3
ART 3201Sculpture II: Contemporary Issues3
ART 4301Special Topics in Adv. Sculpture3
ART 3530-3549Selected Topics/Studio Art3
ART 3900Internship: Field Experience3
ART 4012Exhibitions Practicum3



9 sh of a minor must be completed at Appalachian State University



Net Total Major Hours: 122-128


Major requirements that may count toward GenEd (Art 2030, Art 2130, LLC 1050) 
Programs of Study

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