Image Preparation

Show us your best in the best light

If you are an artist, designer or photographer, most opportunities in your career will be judged from images. Good documentation of your portfolio is critical. For installation work and many 3D media, giving a sense of the work may include offering various angles, carefully considered lighting, and appropriate setting. This is your chance to give us the best possible experience of your work. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Photograph with the highest quality camera you can find. In general, a smartphone will yield poor results.
  • Make sure you are photographing the art, not background clutter
  • Photograph your work on a plain, neutral background
  • Crop your image so that your art fills as much of the frame as possible; show off your work, not the background. The perspective crop tool in Photoshop is an excellent way to get clean, straight images.
  • If you don’t have a lighting setup, photograph your work outside on an overcast day, or in the shade. This will provide even light without harsh shadows
  • Consult with your past or current instructors or artists in your community
  • You may also consider hiring a fellow student or professional photographer who advertises portfolio services

Image Specifications

  • File format: JPEG only
  • File dimensions: Image should be 1500 pixels on the longest side
  • Filename: lastname_firstname_scholarshipname.jpg

Contact Joshua White for more details. The scholarship application form has a field for a link to a shared folder. 


Commercial Photography Sizing and Metadata Requirements

Image Specifications

  • File format: JPEG only
  • File dimensions: 240 ppi with the long side of the aspect ratio sized to 14 inches
  • Filename: lastname_firstname_scholarshipname.jpg

The scholarship application form has a field for a link to a shared folder. 

Metadata fields

Metadata fields on all the photo files must follow these specifications:

Basic Fields
  • Copyright Status pulldown menu: “Copyrighted”
  • Copyright Notice: “2018© your name”
  • Copyright Info URL: “”
IPTC Fields
  • E-Mail(s): your email
  • Website(s): if you have one
  • Copyright Notice: “2018© your name”
  • Rights Usage Terms: “All Rights Reserved”