What on Earth do you want?

Whatever it is, we’ll do our best to make it happen. After all, what is Earth without art? It's ’Eh.’ Art rids the world of ambivalence so get in touch with us and see what happens. 

Department Chair 

Dr. Jim Toub,

Assistant Department Chairs 

Assistant Chair for Curriculum

Jeana Klein,

Assistant Chair for Student Experience

Dr. Brooke Hofsess,

Administrative Support

Main Office

Christina Day,

Research Operations Manager

Adam Adcock,


Assistant Chair for Student Experience

Dr. Brooke Hofsess,

Freshman Adviser

Lilith Nielander,

Degree Program Coordinators

Art Education

Dr. Brooke Hofsess,

Art History

Dr. Jim Toub,

Art Management

Jody Servon, 

Commercial Photography

Brian Bookwalter,

Graphic Communcations Management

George Glisan,

Graphic Design

Mark Nystrom,

Studio Art

Frankie Flood,

Honors Program Director

Dr. Mira Waits,

Smith Gallery Director

Jennie Carlisle,

Main Office

232 Wey Hall
ASU Box 32020
731 Rivers Street
Boone NC 28608

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Please consult our directory for a full list of faculty and staff.