Michael Grady

Michael Grady


Studio Art

Painting & Drawing

Wey 303


Mike Grady is a painter, writer and educator. He has worked as an art school administrator, art therapist and psychological counselor. Grady has taught art at the college level for 40 years, and has a special interest in Asian art and philosophy as well as the application of art to areas of health, social change and organizational development.

Mike Grady's artwork combines gestural abstraction with traditional Chinese aesthetic concepts to create free-flowing images that represent the interconnection of human energy (chi) to the environment. Grady uses brushwork that refers to East Asian calligraphy and landscape painting, as well as layered transparencies of color that create a sense of luminous atmosphere. Through his artwork and research, Grady has explored the cultural artistic and philosophical connections between Asia, Europe and America. Through his paintings Grady offers an experience of the underlying processes of nature rather than literal representation of its details.

Grady has lectured and exhibited in New Zealand, China, Germany and throughout the US. He holds a BFA from the Boston Museum School and Tufts University, an MFA from Pratt Institute and has studied at the China Academy of Art, in Hangzhou, China. He remains active internationally.