Sergei Isaenko

Sergei Isaenko



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Sergei Isaenko is a photographer & educator specializing in portrait & fine art photography based in the Eastern United States. Sergei was born in Southern Russia and immigrated to the US together with his family in 1998. He received a Master of Fine Arts in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2012. Sergei was also noted for an outstanding MFA Thesis in the graduate program for his Echoes of the Collapse solo show, with the written element currently being used as an example for all graduate students.

Prior to his interest in photographic education Sergei Isaenko successfully practiced as a studio and portrait photographer for over five years in the Eastern United States. The work included freelance portrait commissions, child photography, weddings and fine art. He continues this practice on a regular basis along serving as an Adjunct Lecturer in the Appalachian State University's Commercial Photography Department - where he teaches a variety of introductory courses such as: PHO1022 (Photographic Imaging 1), PHO2022 (Photographic Imaging  2), PHO3012 (Digital Retouching) and PHO2032 (History of Photography).