Stephen Parks

Stephen Parks

Assistant Professor

Program Coordinator

Graphic Design

East Hall 160


Stephen Parks is a graphic designer, educator, and multi-disciplinary artist. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, his work focuses on modern industrial shifts, new forms of labor, and manufacturing technology that engages with graphic design. In 2018 he graduated from Visual Communication/Design MFA at Virginia Commonwealth University. During this time he has published and shown nationally and internationally. He operates the studio/office Constant Ritual part-time between Boone, NC and Richmond, VA.

Parks’ practice has been presented in numerous galleries and spaces including Claire T. Carney Library at the (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth) Multiple Formats in conjunction with Typojanchi (Seoul, South Korea), Lamar Dodd School of Art (Athens, GA), Yale University Art Gallery (New Haven, CT), VCU Anderson Gallery (Richmond, VA). He has been the recipient of multiple awards From VCU, Creative Quarterly, and designers such as Ellen Lupton. He received his BFA from Edinboro University in 2013. 

Currently, he is continuing personal research and design-making for Perhapstechnobuyproduct, a series of designed experiences and installations focusing on understanding the rise of Amazon, new product fulfillment methods, and the gig economy.