Kate Wurtzel

Kate Wurtzel

Assistant Professor

Art Education

East Hall 156


Dr. Kate Wurtzel is Assistant Professor of Art Education at Appalachian State University. She holds a Ph.D. and MA in Art Education from the University of North Texas, and has many years of experience teaching art in both museums and schools. 

Dr. Wurtzel’s research focuses on staying in spaces of disruption and uncertainty in learning, teaching, and art-making. Through extended and repeated material explorations that rely on affect and emergence over pre-determination and outcome-based practices, Dr. Wurtzel investigates the relationship between art-making, philosophy, and teaching.   

Dr. Wurtzel's work has been published in the Journal of Cultural Research for Art Education, Trends, Art Education, as well as Artizein: Arts and Teaching Journal. As part of Dr. Wurtzel’s engagement with research-creation, she has an on-going and active painting practice. Her work can be seen at

Currently, Dr. Wurtzel is working on several collaborative research-creation projects involving ideas around ritualization, disruption, relational care, and the creative process as it relates to pedagogical ways of thinking and doing.