Frankie Flood’s Wearable Pewter

Frankie Flood's wearable pewter piece

Professor Frankie Flood recently had work featured in a national and international traveling exhibition entitled Wearable Pewter.

Wearable Pewter was an international traveling show that included pieces by Frankie Flood and nine other jewelers and metalsmiths, all exploring the use of pewter in a variety of wearable designs. The exhibition debuted at City Soles in Chicago during the 2019 SNAG Conference, then traveled to Ayse Taki Gallery (Istanbul, Turkey), and Alliages Gallery in Lille, France.

Flood says “this pendant has evolved through combining digital technology with traditional craft practices. The main forms were 3D printed via a stereolithography process of solidifying light sensitive resin with UV light; then the object was cast in pewter in a similar method to that of the small cast toy figurines and die cast cars from my childhood . This object is reminiscent of the cast metal yo-yo that entertained me as a child but now imagined as a wearable pewter object.”