Our website is excellent!

Website award certificate

The Department of Art website was awarded an Award of Excellence in the In-house Digital category by UCDA, the University & College Designers Association. UCDA’s panels of judges are composed of designers and design educators working in or doing a significant portion of their work for educational institutions.

The website's redesign is the result of a years-long effort led my Mark Nystrom, Associate Professor of Graphic Design. Nystrom worked closely with Graphic Design student Raphael Wenger to develop the initial design and information architecture. After Wenger graduated, Nystrom continued working on the site and developed its content with his colleagues on the department's faculty and staff.

The site also won a Gold award in the 2019 MarCom Awards competition in the Digital Media–Website–Educational Institution category. MarCom Awards is an international competition that recognizes outstanding achievement by marketing and communication professionals.