This is how we study

As you walk through our halls, you'll see students learning about art and design either with their heads buried in books or actively working with materials, equipment and ideas. Studying here is a mix of reading, writing and making. Our students spend a lot of time in a studio, lab, print shop or gallery to develop their skills and talents.

Some are makers, others are thinkers, and many are both. Analyzing what they make and what others make develops their critical thinking skills. Hitting the books and writing papers helps them understand the context for what they do. By the time our students are seniors, what they make—and how they think—ensures that the work they do has value and a place in our culture.

My favorite class was Idea Lab because we had the most laughs and really bonded as a group. I learned a lot about experimentation and collaboration, which were important for moving forward.

Abby Piette

Visiting artist in clay class

Our faculty are great, but it’s nice to have visitors

Liz Kohler Brown (BFA Studio Art 2010) returned to ASU as a visiting artist to share her graduate school experience with current students and to offer personal advice on the balance of school, work, and pursuing the dream of becoming an artist.