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Art History

If you like to read, research, and write about art, art history is the discipline for you. Our curriculum is designed to produce students with a strong breadth of understanding of the history of art from a global perspective. We support students as they develop their historical knowledge and research and writing skills, but also push students to become experts in visual and critical analysis.

A detailed list of program requirements for the BA in Art and Visual Culture with a concentration in Art History can be found on its Program of Study. The courses there are organized into the following categories:

Related Areas

These courses provide both academic and professional context for your studies in art history, including courses on contemporary exhibition practice and opportunities for internships.

Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Proficiency in a foreign language is always useful in our global world, but is especially significant if you choose to work in a museum or academic library, and/or pursue graduate studies.

Studio Courses

Taking studio art courses introduces you to a history of materials and art-making technologies.


Choosing a minor that compliments your interests in art history adds additional depth and breadth to your knowledge of art-making and its connection with other forms of cultural expression.

Course Descriptions

For a complete list of courses that fulfill this degree’s requirements, see the Program of Study in the University Bulletin.