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Course Descriptions

This list of courses for the major is not a description of degree requirements. For a complete list of courses that fulfill this degree’s requirements, see the Program of Study.

Interdisciplinary Courses

ARH 2130 Art from 1400 to the Present

3 hours

GEN ED: Fine Arts Designation; Liberal Studies Experience

A global survey of art history from 1400 to the present examining the later artistic traditions of Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas. The course focuses on visual art and art making in light of changing social, political, religious, and cultural circumstances.

COM 2700 Foundations of Advertising

3 hours

An introductory course that examines advertising as a form of communication. After a brief examination of history, role in the economy, external restraints and customer behavior, the course concentrates on theories and principles of media messages and management as well as advertising applications and trends.

GCM 1012 Introduction to Graphic Communications

3 hours

This course is a study of contemporary production practices of the graphic communications industry, examining the basics of digital imaging, page layout assembly, and workflow technologies such as computer-to-plate, print media, and finishing. The application of project based assignments and the study of materials, equipment, health and safety, concepts of text/image input, conversion, and output that are practiced in the graphic communications industry are included as topics.

Choose two of the following courses

ACC 1050 Survey of Accounting

3 hours

An overview of financial and managerial accounting. The course focuses on the analysis of financial data with an emphasis on accounting issues faced by small businesses such as business planning, budgeting, and performance evaluation. This is the ideal course for the business minor and for non-business majors interested in understanding the role of accounting in the business world.

BUS 1050 Introduction to Business

3 hours

The focus of this course is to familiarize students with a general understanding of business, the importance of the consumer and the interrelatedness of business functional areas.

FIN 3010 Survey of Finance

3 hours

This course is not open to business majors for credit. An introduction to the field of finance in the private sector. The student is introduced to financial management in the business firm to the principles of investment and valuation, and to financial markets and prices.

Prerequisite: 54 earned hours

Technical Specialization Requirements

A C+ or higher is required in each course.

PHO 1022 Photographic Imaging I

3 hours

An introductory course in digital photography which will cover technical information about cameras, lenses, printing, cataloging processes, image editing and workflow practices. Students will also learn the foundations of composition for various genres of photography. Students will need access to a DSLR camera. A limited number are available for loan through the program.

Prerequisite: Demonstrated Readiness for College-level Math.

PHO 2022 Photographic Imaging II

3 hours

A continuation of PHO 1022 - Photographic Imaging I (3) that covers advanced photographic processes and practices and will investigate control systems for exposure and development, the zone system, lighting, film processing, digital imaging processes and printing. Students will improve on their composition and photographic production values. Students will need access to a DSLR camera. A limited number are available for loan through the program.

Prerequisite: PHO 1022. Demonstrated Readiness for College-level Math.

PHO 2032 History of Photography

3 hours

GEN ED: Liberal Studies Experience

This course examines photography in a historical context from the beginning of the 19th Century to present. This comprehensive study of the technical and creative evolution of photography will feature historically significant photographers, their styles and corresponding historical events. Emphasis shall be placed on the evolution of photography in relation to developments in science, technology, society, the arts and politics.

PHO 2052 Form and Media in Photography

3 hours

Form and Media in Photography is designed to improve the visual literacy and compositional awareness of students intending to be Commercial Photography majors or minors. The course will focus on current trends in commercial imaging and usage in a variety of media. Students may explore photographic design and aesthetic elements in catalogs, editorial magazines, corporate media, web sites, packaging, and retail venues, and other appropriate media outlets. The use of emerging media and video as it relates to photography in these areas may also be studied.

Prerequisite: PHO 1022.

PHO 2062 Survey of Photographic Careers

3 hours

This course will explore photographic careers and theoretical, critical, and professional concepts in contemporary photography. Topics may include, but are not limited to, how the roles of philosophy, art history, science, technology, literature, psychology, marketing, consumer trends and consumption are relevant to photography and the various genres within the field. Students will have the opportunity to broaden their understanding of these issues through readings, lectures, discussions, assignments, critiques, and presentations by professionals within the field.

Prerequisite: PHO 2022.

PHO 3012 Digital Retouching

3 hours

This course covers digital photographic retouching and post processes which may include: control systems for editing, image manipulation, color profiling, calibration, and image presentation. Students will gain digital image editing, retouching, post processing skills and an understanding of workflow methodology.

Prerequisite: PHO 2022 or permission of the instructor.

PHO 3032 Perspective and Optics

3 hours

This course will help students gain an understanding of image control and design through the use of a variety of cameras, optics and software. The primary objectives of this course are to understand and evaluate the visual differences, advantages, and disadvantages of different camera and lens choices. Some of the photographic tools that will be explored include: view cameras, DSLR cameras, perspective control lenses, macro lenses, and digital medium format backs.

Prerequisites: PHO 2022.

PHO 3052 Video Production for Photographers

3 hours

This course will utilize the audio and video capabilities of today’s HDSLR cameras and explore how photographers can create compelling and complex visual narratives for their clients in the commercial and corporate marketplace. Topics may include advanced technical techniques for the use of different audio microphones, best practices in recording audio for editing, how to light and shoot for motion, time lapse and animation of stills, conducting and shooting interviews, and basic non-linear editing techniques. Course assignments are to be completed to professional standards. Students will need access to a video capable DSLR camera. A limited number of cameras are available for loan through the program.

Prerequisite: PHO 2022.

PHO 3072 Editorial Photography

3 hours

Editorial Photography is an advanced three credit hour course that emphasizes the tools and lighting techniques of the professional editorial and corporate/industrial photography marketplaces. Topics may include studio lighting, DSLR camera usage, and various location lighting techniques. Students will learn about business procedures and markets specific to editorial photography.

Prerequisite: PHO 3042.

PHO 3092 Professional Photographic Practices

3 hours

GEN ED: Junior Writing in the Discipline (WID)

This course is designed to introduce the upper level photography major to best professional practices for the photography proprietor/ entrepreneur. Topics may include intellectual property law, tax obligations and reporting requirements, employment law, insurance responsibility, and renters' rights and obligations under a lease. In addition, the course may cover software solutions to estimating and bidding jobs, tracking expenses, invoicing clients, and developing legal contracts. The course will also cover marketing, promoting and advertising options. By the end of the course, students will have developed a business plan, a financial statement, marketing materials, and have created a visual identity (logo/brand) to take into the marketplace.

Prerequisites: PHO 3042, R C 2001 or its equivalent.

PHO 4492 Photographic Portfolio

3 hours

GEN ED: Capstone Experience

This senior level course is designed for the major in Commercial Photography. The course will prepare the graduating senior to apply for employment in the field of professional photography or admission to graduate school. Topics covered will include letters of introduction, resumes, portfolio production and presentation, preparing exhibits, and web pages. Through the production of the final portfolio, students will demonstrate their technical skills, visual communication ability, knowledge of theory in design, and awareness of the global market. Open only to Commercial Photography majors.

Prerequisite: senior standing.

AND choose 12 hours from the following courses.

PHO 4402 Advanced Video Production for Photographers

3 hours

Advanced Video Production for Photographers is an advanced three credit hour course that will build on course content from PHO 3052 - Video Production for Photographers (3). The course will utilize the audio and video capabilities of today's HDSLRs and explore how photographers can utilize video and sound to create compelling and complex visual narratives for their clients in the commercial and corporate marketplace. The course will expand on skills covered in advanced technical data and techniques on the use of different audio microphones, best practices in recording audio for editing, how to light and shoot for motion, time lapse and animation of stills, conducting and shooting interviews, and basic non-linear editing techniques. The course assignments are to be completed to professional standards. Students will need access to a video capable DSLR camera; a limited number of cameras will be available through the program.

Prerequisite: PHO 3052.

PHO 4412 Fashion and Beauty Photography

3 hours

Students in this advanced course will review the history of fashion and beauty photography, explore current trends in the industry, and survey the many markets and applications for fashion and beauty imagery. Students will have the opportunity to work with models - both volunteer and professional - make-up artists, hair stylists, and wardrobe stylists in learning how to produce a professional fashion or beauty shoot. Each student will be encouraged to develop her or his own style through fashion editorial assignments, beauty advertising assignments, and testing with models, both in the studio and on location. Working digitally, students will also have the opportunity to learn how to use a wide range of lighting and camera controls specific to beauty photography in order to establish a color managed workflow to guarantee consistency of image production from capture through final delivery of images.

Prerequisite: PHO 3042.

PHO 4422 Product Photography

3 hours

This advanced course will emphasize the tools and techniques of the professional photographer. Studio lighting, large format cameras, and color transparencies will be primarily used, and the student is expected to have working knowledge of these. Assignments will be expected to be completed to professional standards.

Prerequisites: PHO 3032 and PHO 3042.

PHO 4432 Commercial Photographic Production

3 hours

This studio class will acquaint the student with the fundamentals of commercial production in advertising and high end editorial photography. As photographers grow in their capabilities and experience, they will be expected to work as part of a creative team that can produce work of the highest quality. By shifting roles on each of three projects, students will become familiar with the functions of the Art Director, the Producer and the Commercial Photographer as they work in collaboration on complex creative projects.

Prerequisites: PHO 3042 and PHO 3072.

PHO 4442 Wedding and Portrait Photography

3 hours

This course covers the essential logistics and business practices required to successfully work in the wedding and portrait marketplace. In addition, advanced shooting and location lighting techniques are explored in relation to the discipline. Along with the creation of pricing and marketing materials, students are encouraged to pursue their unique photographic style through shooting assignments aimed at building a working portfolio.

Prerequisite: PHO 3072.

PHO 4452 Architectural and Interior Photography

3 hours

This course will emphasize the tools and lighting techniques of the professional advertising, corporate/industrial, and editorial photography marketplaces specific to the built environment. The course will cover advanced technical information in architectural and interior design photography using interior and exterior location lighting, in mixed lighting environments. Students will utilize large format, medium format and/or DSLR cameras to complete assignments.

Prerequisites: PHO 3032 and PHO 3042.


Choose 15 hours from the following:

PHO 3322 Documentary Photography

3 hours

Documentary photography exposes students to the work of a number of great documentary photographers and photojournalists, as well as to writing about the documentary tradition. Students work throughout the term on a photo documentary project of their own, attempting to reduce a tiny area of the moving world to a set of still images that convey what the viewer needs to know about what they saw without hearing the sounds, smelling the odors, seeing the motion, or experiencing what was happening outside the viewfinder. Students also write papers about the subjects of their photo documentaries.

PHO 3332 Field Experience in Commercial Photography

(1-3) hours

This course allows Commercial Photography majors to earn credit for professional experiences outside of the classroom environment. These experiences include, but are not limited to, attending professional conferences, seminars, trade association fairs, field photographic experiences such as international program offerings and extended photographic field trips.

Prerequisite: permission of the instructor.

This course may be repeated for credit barring duplication.

PHO 3342 Advanced Special Topics

3 hours

This course will offer the student information and hands-on experience in historical, contemporary, and emerging technologies related to the commercial photography industry.

Prerequisites: PHO 2022.

This course may be repeated for credit, barring duplication.

PHO 4900 Internship

(3-12) hours

C I 4552 Advanced Video Production

3 hours

This course will give students the opportunity to engage in the professional video production process as they create a video program for a client or for their portfolio. Students will learn skills in pre-production planning, production and post-production editing, and they will also learn to operate and maintain professional quality equipment. Additionally, as they act as crew on one another’s projects and critique one another’s work, students will learn to be a part of a video production team. Emphasis in this course is placed on thorough and creative planning, collaborative production and a progressive step-by-step approach to post-production.

C I 4840 or permission of the instructor.

C I 4770 Intermediate Photography and Digital Imaging

3 hours

An intermediate photographic production course which strengthens previously acquired skills in photography and provides advanced work in digital imaging.

C I 4810 Introduction to Sight and Sound

3 hours

An introduction to the basic knowledge and skills underlying any effective audiovisual presentation. Students will have the opportunity to learn the aural and visual aesthetic principles involved in the creation of effective media presentations. They will also have the opportunity to learn the theory and operation of various common sight and sound devices, including microphones, digital audio recorders, and digital audio editing software; still cameras, and digital image editing software; video cameras and digital video editing tools; and projection devices and presentation systems. Emphasis will be placed not only on understanding how the equipment works, but on the common theoretical background shared by all these communication devices.

C I 4840 Video Production and Story

3 hours

This course is a basic introduction to the creative and technical skills needed to produce effective, low-budget video programs on location. Students will use the department’s digital cameras and non-linear computer editing system to learn how to express themselves clearly in a wide variety of programming formats through the language of video. Students will gain experience in each of the three stages in the production process: pre-production, production, and post-production.

GCM 4512 Advanced Cross Media Production

3 hours

This course is an advanced treatment of studies begun in the GCM 3102 course, and incorporates new technologies applicable in the production of digital content for print production, the World Wide Web, mobile device platforms and other applicable new forms of graphic communication. Students will learn and be required to demonstrate ability to apply electronic document designs across a variety of graphic communication platforms.

Prerequisite: GCM 3102 (ND Prerequisite: passing the math placement test or successful completion of MAT 0010)

[Dual-listed with GCM 5512.] Dual-listed courses require senior standing; juniors may enroll with permission of the department.

____ Any ART Course (except ARH 2130)

3 hours

____ Any COM course that completes a minor in Communication

3 hours

____ Any BUS, FIN, MGT course that completes a minor in Business or Entrepreneurship

3 hours

____ Any PHO 4000 courses not used in the Technical Specialization requirement

3 hours