Studio Art - BA

Mix disciplines like colors and see what happens!

The BA in Art and Visual Culture with a concentration in Studio Art integrates studio art practice with a broad based, well-rounded liberal arts education. This concentration is designed for students who want a variety of studio art experiences but whose interests also encompass academic disciplines related to or outside the visual arts.

After completing the required foundations courses, students pursuing this degree choose whatever configuration of studio courses suit their needs and long-range goals. They may select courses from studio areas such as Clay, Fibers, Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design, Painting & Drawing, Photography, Printmaking, or Sculpture, among others.

Art History is integral to this concentration as students complete a two-semester (six credits) survey of Art History and 6 credit hours in more specialized courses focusing on selected periods, cultures and/or media.

Students are required to complete a 16 to 18ch minor in a discipline outside the visual arts and 6 to 12ch of a foreign language.

The breadth of the program encourages students to simultaneously pursue multiple interests and in many cases to double major in art and a discipline outside the arts. Because the BA in Studio Art requires only 46 credit hours in the discipline many students can double major while still graduating in four years. For instance, students might pair Studio Art with Psychology in preparation for further study in Expressive Arts; or combine Studio Art with Apparel Design & Merchandising for a career in the fashion industry.

Graduates are prepared to work as entry-level professionals in a variety of arts related fields or pursue graduate studies in studio art, expressive arts, new media studies, arts management or other related areas.