Our students explore for breadth and then go for depth

We have designed our studio art curriculum to produce highly competent, creative, and independent artists, as well as educated and critically-aware professionals and citizens.

A detailed list of program requirements for the BFA in Studio Art can be found on its Program of Study in the University Bulletin. The courses there are organized into the following categories:


Our three Foundations courses lay the groundwork for studio courses in specific media areas (metals, fibers, sculpture, printmaking, clay, photography, and painting +drawing), as well as interdisciplinary studio courses.


All BFA Studio Art majors are required to complete Drawing II and Digital Imaging, as well as Senior Studio. Drawing II and Digital Imaging should be taken in the second or third year. As the capstone course for the BFA in Studio Art, Senior Studio is completed in the final semester. In this course, students create a completely self-directed, independent body of work for public exhibition at the conclusion of the semester.


BFA Studio Art majors complete 24 to 36 semester hours of studio art electives; 39 hours total when combined with Related Areas below. Through these studio courses, students develop the technical and conceptual skills necessary for success in the professional art world. Students are encouraged to enroll in a range of different mediums at the introductory (2000) level prior to selecting one or more studio areas in which to focus. Students are required to complete a minimum of 12 semester hours in a single media area, including at least one 4000-level course. Students may choose to have more than one area of focus, or may choose to study one medium in greater depth than the required 12 semester hours minimum.


Studio Seminars I, II, and III are designed to support each student’s individual conceptual development alongside the studio courses taken concurrently. Each course is a prerequisite to the course prior to it in sequence. Seminar I should be taken in the first year of school. Seminar II should be taken immediately after portfolio admission into the department, in either the end of the second year or beginning of the third year. Seminar III is the pre-capstone course and should be taken in the second-to-last semester. In this course, students prepare a proposal for the Senior Studio body of work to be completed in the last semester. Prerequisites for Seminar III include: 27 semester hours of studio art electives and Studio Seminar II. Additionally, at least one 4000-level studio is required as either a prerequisite or corequisite.

Senior Capstone

The BFA Studio Art program culminates in a multidisciplinary two-course capstone series that offers students the time and support to create a coherent body of work to launch their professional careers. In this experience, students work with an individualized committee of studio faculty to fully develop their ideas and their professional materials. Each student then creates a body of work that is exhibited during their final semester in either a group or solo exhibition.


The studio art curriculum requires 3 to 15 semester hours of coursework providing points of connection to the outside art world through assistantships, internships, professional practice, exhibitions practicum, and other courses.


Students gain a broad knowledge of art history in two survey classes and more specialized knowledge with two art history electives in subjects of their choosing.

Course Descriptions 

For a complete list of courses that fulfill this degree’s requirements, see the Program of Study in the University Bulletin

Visiting artist in clay class

Our faculty are great, but it’s nice to have visitors

Liz Kohler Brown (BFA Studio Art 2010) returned to ASU as a visiting artist to share her graduate school experience with current students and to offer personal advice on the balance of school, work, and pursuing the dream of becoming an artist.