Program Advising

Chart your own path (but with guidance)


  • Intended BFA Studio Art majors must pass a Portfolio Review to take 3000- and 4000-level studio art courses and to enroll in ART 3015, Studio Seminar II
  • Group advising sessions are held each semester prior to registration. 
  • Taking more than three studio courses a semester is challenging. Students should use General Education, Art History and Professional Development courses to balance their studio course workload. 
  • Students in studio art must earn a grade of C (2.00) or better in all Art courses to satisfy degree requirements.
  • Advising information for all Art majors is on the department’s Advising page .
  • To declare your studio area, use this form.

Advising Resources


A portfolio review is required to take 3000- and 4000-level studio art courses and ART 3015: Studio Seminar II. The BFA Studio Art Candidacy Portfolio Review is held twice annually at the end of the spring and fall terms. To be eligible for the review, students must complete or have in progress the following courses:

  • ART 1001 Foundations I
  • ART 1002 Foundations II
  • ART 1003 Foundations Drawing
  • Any two 2000-level studio art courses
  • and either ART 2030 Art from Pre-History to 1400 or ART 2130 Art from 1400 to the Present.

Further details about the review are included on the Portfolio Review page. 


BFA Studio Art majors must complete a total of 122 credit hours to earn the degree, including the following requirements:

  • All university required/general education courses
  • 18 credit hours at Appalachian State University
  • 48 credit hours of studio art and related area courses 
  • 9 credit hours of art foundations courses
  • 9 credit hours of studio seminar courses
  • 12 credit hours of art history courses
  • a junior Writing in the Discipline (WID) course (satisfied by ART 3015 Studio Seminar II)
  • the senior Capstone Experience (CAP) course (satisfied by ART 4852 Senior Studio)
  • 2 credit hours of free electives outside the major

General Education

The General Education curriculum is designed to ground students’ studies in a broad liberal arts education. The 44-hour curriculum includes: freshman seminar, writing across the curriculum, wellness literacy, quantitative literacy, science inquiry, integrative learning experience, and liberal studies experience. Selected courses (ART 2019, ART 2016, ART 2030, ART 2130) may fulfill requirements for both general education as well as the BFA Studio Art curriculum. 

BFA Studio Art Coursework

The BFA Studio Art program of study requires a series of seminar and studio courses to be taken in sequence. Because courses at each stage are prerequisites for courses at the next stage, it takes students a minimum of 4 terms to complete all of the core courses for the BFA in Studio Art after completing the candidacy review and prerequisite courses. Note that many courses have specific prerequisites. Refer to the Studio Art Program of Study for prerequisites and recommended course sequencing.


Required seminar courses for the major are not offered in the summer, but studio art electives, art history, and internships are generally available.