Student Groups

Extra, extra curricular!

Our students make this place what it is. Sure, the department’s chair, faculty and staff play a role in defining the department, but the true life and blood of this place is our students. In a constant state of motion, they are the ones whose work graces our walls, tables, floors and screens.

Many of them are passionate about what they’re doing and why they’re here. The student organizations affiliated with our department give them a chance to go deeper into their chosen fields, form friendships that will last a lifetime and develop leadership skills.



Peel Staff at a conference

The Peel staff at a conference


Being involved with The Peel Literature & Arts Review provides students the opportunity to be published in a nationally recognized publication, and help curate and design the online and print publication. The Peel works to cultivate creative expression at Appalachian State University by providing outlets for students to express themselves through our university’s vibrant, active and creative community. An online edition of our literature and arts review is released at the end of fall, while both an online and print edition are released at the end of spring semester. The print edition features the highest scored student works from both online editions of the academic year. We accept student submissions of prose, poetry, audio, video, art and design. Student submissions are reviewed and scored by one of our three critique committees (visual, poetry or prose), with the authors and artists remaining anonymous. All work is then accepted or not based upon the designated committee’s scores. There is also a design team that works together each year to design the annual publication. Also, The students involved with The Peel get the opportunity to travel to conferences both in the state and around the country such as NYC, DC and other cities. Committees meet about once and week and Editorial Board members meet as well as lead their own meetings every week.

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Art Education 

National Art Education Association 

 Art Ed club group photo

The Art Education club (NAEA) on an adventure with Brooke Hofsess (far-right) 

Being involved in Appalachian State’s National Art Education Association (NAEA) student chapter provides a wonderful opportunity for preservice art educators to gain experience working with area students, network with current Art teachers, and collaborate with fellow art education majors to promote arts advocacy in schools. We strongly believe in the value of community, and our projects connect students’ lives with globalized perspectives by infusing visual arts education with big questions pertaining to social, cultural, political, and economic issues. Through involvement in both state and national conferences, members of our student chapter are given professional development and leadership opportunities that further prepare them for their future classrooms while inspiring innovative pedagogical practices. Alongside conference preparation and community outreach, members of the NAEA student chapter fundraise for travel, and occasionally break from our work to just hang out with one another! This chapter has four elected officers and meets every other week during the academic year.


Art History

Art History Club


Art History Club in New York

Art History Club at the Met in New York

The Art History Club was created by ASU art history students as a means to explore and educate ourselves in the history of art. The club meets to create an environment in which to discuss issues related to art history, and to prepare students for careers in art history and related fields, including opportunities to present and discuss research, provide interaction with professionals in the field, and to share ideas and experiences related to art. The club also meets to create an atmosphere of community and enjoyment, by taking museum trips, viewing movies, and other social events. Last Spring we flew to New York City, stayed at ASU’s Loft, and toured the museums and neighborhoods of New York.

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Art Management

Arts Management Organization (AMO)

The Arts Management Organization seeks to promote professionalism and networking within the arts fields by increasing the awareness of the arts on ASU's campus and in the community. Members seek to enrich the knowledge and appreciation of all the arts who are involved. AMO promotes existing campus and community activities and events of various disciplines to facilitate relationships among future professionals and creates a more enriching experience that encourages involvement and awareness. We hope through our efforts we can improve participation and professional networking within the arts fields.

Visit the AMO website for more information.


Graphic Communications Management

Epsilon Pi Tau | EPT


Photo of Epsilon Pi Tau members

Epsilon Pi Tau (EPT) is the Leading International Honor Society for Technology. Epsilon Pi Tau recognizes academic excellence of students in fields devoted to the study of technology and the preparation of practitioners for the technology professions. Students must be in a technology related field to join.

Advisor: Kevin Howell |


Gamma Epsilon Tau: Nu Chapter

Gamma Epsilon Tau (GET) is a national co-ed collegiate honors society. It's purpose is to allow students of printing and publishing to meet and interact in both a professional and social atmosphere. Nu is the title of the chapter membership at Appalachian State University.


Technical Association of Graphic Arts


Technical Arts & Graphics Association members

The Technical Arts & Graphics Association is an industry-oriented club that provides a basis for project development in real world scenarios. As a member, you get to design, construct, and display promotional, informational, and directional products for Career Connections. In addition, build your resume and portfolio with extracurricular activities as well as create industry connections to give you career-ready success. Students must be a GCM major or minor to join.

Advisor: Mandy Wu |


Graphic Design

AIGA button sale

AIGA button sale


Appalachian’s AIGA student group is a student-led affiliate of AIGA, the Professional Association for Design, a national organization dedicated to advancing design as a professional craft, strategic tool and vital cultural force. The student group’s goals are to create opportunities for students to get involved in the local design community, foster greater community among peers, provide a network of resources, and help build valuable leadership skills necessary in the professional world. Follow @AIGAASU on Twitter for updates and information.

Visit the AIGA | ASU Facebook page for more information.



F/Stop = Faculty/Students To Organize Photographers. This club is an extension of the Commercial Photography program at Appalachian State, but it is not exclusive. Anyone is welcome to join and participate. We meet (soon to be decided). Dues are only $10 for the year and $5 for the semester! We will be hosting photo related group activities and field trips throughout the year!

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Studio Art

Printmaking Club

Printmaking Club members printing t-shirts

 Printmaking Club members print t-shirts for sale

The Appalachian Printmaking Club is an organization for ASU students, alumni, and local Watauga residents who are interested in the processes of printmaking, and would like to expand their knowledge of printmaking. It gives each individual the opportunity to learn new processes of print, get involved with the print world, and create their own work.

Membership is open to all ASU students, alumni, and Local Watauga residents. All members are allowed to attend meetings and events, but to be eligible for access to the printshop: members must be a student in good academic standing, and have completed or be currently enrolled in one ASU printmaking class.

Student Art League

The Student Art League (SAL) is an organization designed to bridge the proverbial “gap” between the many disciplines offered in the ASU Department of Art. We work with local businesses to create and promote exhibition opportunities for students, helping students gain exposure for their work and build their portfolios, while simultaneously building strong connections within the Boone art community. SAL provides a venue for extracurricular technical demonstrations, visiting artist lectures, critiques, and field trips. Members will be encouraged to strengthen their creative talents through individual art-making, collaborative art-sharing, and promotion of the visual arts to a large target audience, from the campus of ASU to North Carolina as a whole.